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Brand Values

Empowering Women

At S-Crafted, we are proud to have a woman founder. She created the brand during the coronavirus as a means to help support local women working in Lukang, Taiwan by providing jobs, fair wages, and a safe working environment. Our goal is to continue supporting these highly skilled workers and empower more women to achieve their goals both socially and economically. 



Our company is built around our values. These values help to guide us in our decision making and actions. This is why we choose to pay a little extra to use recycled polyester, natural fibers, and salvaged leather. We might be a small, but we hope our actions help to inspire others to consider more sustainable solutions and business practices. 

Delivering Happiness

Since the idea for this company came during the coronavirus, the goal of "delivering happiness" has become extremely important. We realize that we might only be sending baskets. However, if we can bring a little joy into your life (while you are stuck in your home), it will be worthwhile for us.

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