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Our Story


We are S Crafted!

A brand inspired by the natural beauty of Santa Barbara, California. We design and make sustainable baskets that help elevate your space. Our baskets have a variety of uses from storage, to plant pot covers to laundry. All of our materials are sustainably sourced and our baskets are ethically crafted in Lukang, Taiwan.

What sets us apart?

Our ethical approach and durable products! When coronavirus started, the company I work for (as well as the surrounding industry) was severely impacted. Orders were being canceled, people were losing jobs, the local economy was suffering, and there was a sense of despair. I felt like I needed to do something to create jobs and bring happiness back into people's homes. Due to order cancelations, we had excess material and local artisans were in need of work. I started making baskets for friends and family... and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. That's when the idea for S-Crafted was born. 
S Crafted designs are inspired by the natural beauty of Santa Barbara, CA. This is a place that I regularly visited prior to the coronavirus. The natural beauty helped to influence the colors and remind me of the importance of using of sustainable materials. We need to keep the planet looking this beautiful. 
We promote the use of sustainable materials. Our baskets are handcrafted with a mixture of natural hemp, 100% recycled polyester, and premium full grain leather. We use hemp because it is a natural fiber that is lightweight, durable, weather resistant, and easy on the environment. Hemp farming uses very little water, does not require the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and is a renewable resource. Hemp plants also absorb more carbon dioxide than trees. 
We use 100% recycled polyester because we wanted to divert plastic bottles from going into landfills. Using recycled Plastic reduces our dependence on petroleum while having the same physical properties as virgin polyester. Our recycled polyester is GRS certified to ensure traceability. 
The premium full grain leather we use is a byproduct of the meat industry and is sourced from a tannery certified by the leather working group as a gold rated tannery. This means that the tannery performs at the top of the industry in terms of environmental and social responsibility standards. We are purchasing the waste/scraps from their production runs (that would have typically been thrown away)... and are re-purposing them for the bottom of our baskets.
We support local women working in Lukang, Taiwan by providing jobs, fair wages, and a safe working environment. This has become even more import due to coronavirus... as these women are the main source of income for their families. We believe in the empowerment of woman, preservation of the planet, and crafting products that are made to last. 
Skilled artisans in Lukang, Taiwan
Artisan workshop in Lukang, Taiwan

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